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Search Themes | July 28, 2017

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PhotoPharm - Premium WordPress

PhotoPharm – Premium WordPress

PhotoPharm is a WordPress theme for designers and studios. The theme is a fullscreen theme and this theme was featured in the issue 192 of Web Designer Magazine. This theme is by a an elite author and it has a lot of sales and rating. Os I think it is safe to say that it is a popular theme.

PhotoPharm is a theme with slideshows and it is a theme for showcasing your work. This theme is for galleries and making your website easily on WordPress. The theme has arrow keys support too and the theme has layout that supports the mall screens of iPod and iPhone and lot of other smartphones.

PhotoPharm has been powered with jQuery and has different effects and animation. The theme has admin panel.



The theme is made for galleries to show off the work as efficiently as possible The theme has a very simple gallery which is a full screen gallery and it is a responsive gallery which can be viewed on iPhone and iPad and similar devices. The arrow keys can be used to change the images.


The theme is a FullScreen theme with a minimal content. The author’s interest is in this how to make theme that can sell better and for this they have made it a fullscreen theme with minimum amount of menus and contents. Its like there is not content at all.


The theme is responsive so it can be viewed on smart phones and tablets smartly. The view on these small devices in responsive themes is with respect to the size of the device. The layout adapts to desktop computer, Laptops or iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

Admin Panel

The theme is said to have a admin panel which is very easy to use. OptionTree Plugin has been used for Admin Panel. With it you can control and manage the settings of your theme.


The theme has Localization Support and it has used jQuery for animations and effects. The theme has light theme kins options too. The theme has color options and Google fonts.

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