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Search Themes | July 28, 2017

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Circled - WordPress Portfolio

Circled – WordPress Portfolio

Circled is not your typical WordPress Creative theme. This theme doesn’t have that typical modern clean look that is the norm for high quality creative portfolio theme. This theme is not simple but a little stylish in its layout design. The title is based on the style of the theme circles. You will see a lot of circles in the demo of this theme.

Circled is a theme with portfolio which is the theme’s basic purpose. It is to be used for portfolio and it can be done by anyone business, agency or individual etc. The theme has Flickr Widget which is also built in every WordPress theme there is. The theme has the options panel for all the settings of the theme.

Circled WordPress Theme Features

Circles Everywhere

The theme is made up of circles as this theme is titled because of this. You can see the circles right on the homepage of the theme. The portfolio projects are shown in the circled thumbnails. Even the Flickr widget has circles. The blog isn’t circled but you can see circles in blogs too.

Portfolio and Blog

The theme has portfolio and a blog. The theme has custom post type for portfolio and all these posts in portfolio are circled. The projects/portfolio page shows a sidebar and footer with widgets in the demo. The blog is standard but you can also find circles in the blog too if you look a bit closely.

Theme Options Panel

Like WordPress themes because of their accessibility. The accessibility to inexperienced users come with the theme options. The theme options should have all the general settings of the theme that are needed.

Video Support

The theme has video support. You can use videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Self hosted isn’t mentioned.

Localization Support

The theme has support for localization for those who want more than English for their website.

Browser Support

The theme supports multiple browsers Internet Explorer 7, IE 8, IE 9, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. You should check these browsers yourself or additional browsers if you think can be used.

Theme Support

You have the support forum for this theme. Visit the support forum if you need help for the theme.

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